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​Adenoidectomy is the surgical removal of the adenoid. Adenoid is a tissue located at the back of our nose and is associated with the body's defense system. It can grow and cause problems, especially in children aged 3-7.

When the adenoid enlarges, it can cause problems such as nasal congestion, snoring and sleep apnea. This may prevent the child from sleeping soundly. In addition, the overgrowth of the adenoid can obstruct the drainage of the nose and sinuses, make it difficult to aerate the middle ear, and cause frequent attacks of sinusitis and middle ear infections.

Fluid accumulation can also occur in the middle ear, which can cause hearing loss and long-term permanent damage to the eardrum. Children often breathe continuously through the mouth instead of the nose, which can lead to impaired palate structure and facial development. It can also cause adenoid infections and the child may have frequent upper respiratory tract infections.

For these reasons, the adenoids and tonsils may need to be removed together in children with adenoid problems. This procedure involves surgical removal of the adenoid. Adenoidectomy can positively affect the child's breathing, sleep quality, hearing health and general health. However, in any case, an evaluation and decision should be made by the doctor to perform the surgical procedure.

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